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Thermography Training cleanedison 12/23/2009
CleanEdison offers a wide variety of infrared courses from entry-level infrared thermography to advanced infrared training.

The following people all benefit from advanced infrared training:
• Infrared thermographers primarily involved in predictive maintenance, R&D Thermography and ThermaCAM Reporter Software
• Commercial Roof IR Inspectors
• Building Diagnosticians
• Commercial Electrical IR Inspectors
• Law Enforcement/Security

Why take Thermography Training?

Infrared Thermography Certification is a written proof of your professional infrared qualifications. When training with CleanEdison for your Infrared Thermography Certification, you are attaining certification from the world's leading infrared training organization.
Highly qualified instructors with ASNT Level III and EPRI Level III certifications, advanced academic degrees to the PhD level and extensive field experience develop and teach all ITC courses. The ITC Thermography Certification process requires students to attend an infrared certification/training course, pass closed-book examinations and quizzes, and submit a field assignment demonstrating understanding of application and proper use of the infrared camera. Students maintain their infrared certification by active participation in, and continuing education of, their infrared thermography skills.

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