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Looking to return to Thermography Brian Balkwill 1/4/2010
After a break from the industry due to emigrating, I really want to get back into the field. I am based in the UK but happy to work worldwide should it be required. I have a Level 1 qualification and the following experience:

From 1992-2000 I worked in South Africa for IRIS, the NDT department of Corporate Risk Management, a division of what was then Alexander Forbes Ltd, now Lockton Companies International Limited (London based), a blue chip insurer.
IRIS is the oldest and largest Thermographic survey company in Africa. Providing both scheduled surveys and condition monitoring to over 900 clients across all types of industries, there are very few fields in thermography in which they are not active.

I was responsible for marketing, management, development of new areas of use, integrating the service into global risk and insurance programs, and carrying out field inspections primarily on Mines, Mineral Processing and Petrochemical plants.

In conjunction with this work I have also carried out underwriting surveys and risk audits on gold mines, platinum mines, and their mineral processing plants for overseas underwriting houses such as Lloyds, Chubb, and Royal Sun. This involved a complete risk based assessments of the entire site to determine where the highest potential for losses to insurers could occur.
In the last two years prior to my return to the UK I was a freelance consultant to IRIS, Corporate Risk Management, and other companies, supplying the services listed above. In addition I developed a popular service whereby large amounts of hard copy and digital imagery information i.e. risk assessments, annual reports, legislation, entire insurance portfolios etc were securely converted for clients to interactive CD ROM, using Flash based platforms.

The following are all areas in which I worked extensively. All areas other than Electrical and Mechanical were developed as new fields in local Thermography by myself and Tjaart Broodryk (MD of IRIS), after the inception of digital scanners (Agema 470 units) in the early 90's.

1. Electrical - HV
Generation - Coal fired and Hydro-electric powers stations and associated initial distribution
Transmission - National grid and associated sub-stations
Railway Networks

2. Electrical - LV
Sub-stations, reticulation and motor control centres in the following:
Mines and mineral processing plants (Gold, Coal, Platinum, Vanadium, Diamonds, Steel, Iron, Cement, Soda Ash, etc), both surface, underground, pit and open cast (Dragline inspection).
Paper and Sugar Mills
Light industry
Commercial buildings

3. Mechanical
Condition monitoring and scheduled inspections on motors, gearboxes etc in all areas of 1 and 2 above

4. Petrochemical - refractory
Cracking and other furnaces, off gas ducting, flare ducting, specialised condition monitoring in coal to oil
plants (Sasolburg and Secunda)

5. Mineral Processing - refractory
Refractory mapping and condition monitoring on furnaces, ladles, kilns, rotary kilns, converters, off-gas ducting etc in Base Metal refineries (Platinum), and Iron, Steel, Manganese, Ferro-Chrome and Vanadium refineries (amongst others).

6. Insulation
Power station boilers
Steam Lines
Cold stores
Blast freezers

I can be contacted at

Re:Looking to return to Thermography manuel-thermoimagen 1/4/2010
Hi Brian.
You did not say if are looking for employment or looking for potencial customers, but i am sure with all that experience maybe can run your own biz ;)

good luck.
Re:Looking to return to Thermography Brian Balkwill 1/4/2010
manuel-thermoimagen wrote:
You did not say if are looking for employment or looking for potencial customers, but i am sure with all that experience maybe can run your own biz ;)

good luck.
Sorry - my fault :) Looking for employment

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