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Fixing a drafty outlet box. crsouser 1/10/2010
So the question:
Finding drafty outlets is a pretty basic thing that really doesn't need a thermal imager, but in my practicing & reading thus far you can see how far the affected area is with one.

So I have seen several areas of my practice homes (my own and friends), where like described I believe in a Flir manual I read where the electrical wiring comes in below the outlet there is almost no insulation.

I know there are the plate box cover insulators but that reduces draft, but doesn't really fix the issue at hand of the loss of insulation around the outlet. Many of the boxes are cut properly so there is no gap in the sheetrock.

What is the proper way to fix this problem?

Do I..
...Drill a holes in the box and spray in a bunch of expanding foam of the sides of the box missing insulation?
...Just caulk around the edge of the box and then put a 30c seal cover?
...Something else a bit more comprehensive?

To qualify my level of experience...
I am not a building science/inspector/contractor for an occupation nor really plan to be. Though I do have interest in a the Thermal Imagery of buildings and being able to at least do some basic main interest in Thermal Imagery is not that.

I have been taking some CBTs, reading books, watching videos.. etc so before you start flaming me like people do in other threads there are my qualifiers and I would appreciate people staying on topic and not just telling me I need to sign up for someones classes.

Re:Fixing a drafty outlet box. mobilenuke 1/12/2010
Your answer may depend on how severe the draft is.
If extensive, open the wall up and install batt insulation. You may get away with just using spray foam in a smaller area.

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