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FLIR i60 video output KJ666 1/10/2010

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this posting but here goes. I was wondering if the FLIR i60 can stream video output to something like an Archos device with video in ?

If so, do I need to set any options on the camera to enable this and what lead do I need.

Re:FLIR i60 video output manuel-thermoimagen 1/10/2010
Video output: MPEG-4 via USB

what it means that you will have the video file recorded at your PC for late edition or upload to youtube, etc.

if you want to record video while inspecting or surveying, i guess you will have bad time due the only option available will be carrying a laptop hooked up thru usb cable.
Re:FLIR i60 video output KJ666 1/10/2010
Thanks for the reply.

Thats a shame. I've seen some leads with a USB connector on one end and phonos on the other. Was hoping that these would give me live video out to connect to an Archos device but from what you are saying, this is not an option :o(

If the above will not work then I suppose the only option is the "FLIR IR Camera player". I have loaded this and managed to get the the real time video displaying within the player but I dont see anywhere within the application to allow you to record the video stream.

any ideas ?

Re:FLIR i60 video output Pelle 2/1/2010
To record you need to use softwares like the VLC player and the link for downloading it is below.

You can use VLC to record ( ) here is a video from my colleague's screen on how to record in VLC.

Video File :

Use the menu Media/Open Network Stream..
Select RTSP protocol and enter IP address of the camera. Then click on Play button.

If you don't see the record button then use the menu View/Advanced Controls.

Pelle Soderberg/FLIR

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