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Attenuation A. Pertence 1/11/2010
Who can make available to me an attenuation curve for infrared radiation in normal atmospherical environment?

Thanks in advance.

Argemiro Pertence
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Re:Attenuation Top Gun 1/13/2010
I have performed IR thermography on supercell thunderstorm cloud bases and tornadoes which are at a significant distance from the camera. I will assume you are using microbolometer-based imager(s). We established through references that temperature estimation through thermographic radiance measurements is reliable out to about 3 kilometers. Attenuation becomes very significant there and increases to complete unreliability at 5 kilometers. We were operating in conditions where the dewpoint was around 19 degrees C. As the dewpoint increases above 22 degrees C., the reliability zone will decrease from these shared here.

I hope this helps!
Re:Attenuation Top Gun 1/13/2010
Here is the IR of the same shot.

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