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Electric inspecion Mlopes 1/17/2010
I have a problem like that.
The table of temperatures defines for example the minimum and Maxim
-5ºC a + 40ºC
And for cable 70ºC Maxim.Temp. i reed that we have to conceder the ambient Temp.??? is that Correct ? Or take the values of the fases temp and compare them ?? or at the same time compare with the ambient temp. But that one is more or less 20 to 30 ºC . What is correct way to do the report Delta T or difference bitten fases Spot1 –Spot2???
IR im tolking Abaut
Re:Electric inspecion manuel-thermoimagen 1/18/2010

creo que deberas tomar un curso NIVEL I en termografia, ahi se discuten las varias posibilidades para que crees tu propio criterio de severidad. aqui en el foro hay varias guias de inspeccion.


I guess will need assist Level I certification, there you will learn and know some of the most used severity criteria around electrical inspection. take a look at all the posted threads, will find several guideliness on this topic.


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