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Window film and Infrared ECS 2/16/2010
Has anyone performed scans on homes with window tint and without? Is there a surface temperature change inside and out in this situation?
Re:Window film and Infrared Scott Wood Associates 4/1/2010
I've observed window tint in an atrium that was actually causing high heat transfer as shown in the image. The thermally viewed heated areas of the window showed a visible tint that you may be able to see to the left of the IR inset. I'm sure they were trying to minimize heat transfer through the window, since they were also using an umbrella as well to help “cool” the entry desk area.
Re:Window film and Infrared glassman 4/2/2010
HI, are you sure it is a film or may it be a solar reduction tint to the glass.
I have found that in both instances, there are anomalies as many films contain metallic particles as do certain glasses. This can throw up all types of problems but should be notable with the naked eye. need to determine the type of film and its reason for application this will then inform its make up and which will assist with IR inspections.

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