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Thermacam 390 for sale Hedenio 2/16/2010
ThermaCam PM390 - Has all the original equipment, cables and soft ware (Reporter).
This Camera is in great shape. It has just been returned from Flir after having had a maintenance done. It is calibrated and the tag is current to 01 29 2011. The camera has had less than 40 hours on it since June 2004 when a P60 was purchased. It has stayed around as a backup. We now have a new T400 and it's time to sell the PM 390.
The camera starts up in 7 minutes. That is the classic start up time. That shows that the condition of the sterling cooler and detector are in great shape. It is ready to capture data in 7.5 minutes. It has always been well taken of. It was either in it's soft pouch for work in the field, or in the hard case. Since day one it has had a Flir 09519 200 clear protective window over the main lens. The high temperature filter has been used 2 times since 1997. I thought I wanted to do furnaces, but I never did.
Here is a link to a youtube video from 2009 showing the startup time and some image resolution.
Cost is $17,800
Here are the specs.

High Temp. Calibration, Flame filter.
Expanded Temperature Range: (-14 to 2732)
Atmospheric Transmission Correction
Accuracy (+/- 2% or 2C
8 Pallets
Auto spot
Delta Temperature
Auto Area
Reverse Polarity
Stand-by Mode
Auto Temperature Span
Auto Temperature Range
Illuminated Back-lit Keyboard
Image Analysis from PCMCIA card
Image Freeze
Remote Focus
Image Bank 20MB PCMCIA card - approx 150 images
Three batteries and two double chargers (one Still in the box). Also has the double large battery case and belt for extended scanning time.
Hard case (one small overhead compartment case) also one soft carrying pouch.
This camera has been a great workhorse and always reliable for any scope of work (including Flame work).....Only serious inquiries. Ready to ship.
Feel free to contact me with any questions at
503 680 4550 cell

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