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Untrained personal and IR Windows Pete 2/17/2010
Need opinions: We are going to start installing IR Windows in plant components. That's a good thing. The bad thing is sometimes an untrained electrican has to obtain images when we (Predictive Maintenance) aren't available. I am lucky if I can get them to record the Ambient temperature on the data sheet. Fortunately they don't have to survey equipment at any distance greater than 5'.

With the addition of the windows I will now have to revise our Thermography procedure. My question is: Should I just have them obtain the images at the default Emissivity? Then the Thermographer can adjust, for the window, when reviewing the data? The electricans don't make Thermography calls on equipment. Analysis is up to our trained Thermographers.

Here is my justification for not adjusting the Transmissivity: Even if Transmissivity is wrong in the field a Thermal Anomaly is still a Thermal Anomaly. The temperatures will just not be accurate. We can adjust using the software in the office. I harp on focus as my #1 priority with the electricans.
Re:Untrained personal and IR Windows jvoitl 2/17/2010
You don't change the emissivity setting for a window. You will have to change the transmissivity setting and temperature for external optics instead. If they are untrained and your trained people are doing the analysis I would just let them save the image and compensate for the transmission with the reporting software. You will also have to know the temperature of the window. I just check the temperature of the panel next to the window and use it. However, if you have trouble getting them to record ambient temperature, window temperature is one more item you may have trouble getting.
Re:Untrained personal and IR Windows IRJay 2/17/2010
you have the right idea. Measuring through the window is quite difficult so adjustments can be made later if necessary. Remember the window transmissivty can change over time and angles through them is critical. Get the window temp by adding a shot next to the window on the panel.
Re:Untrained personal and IR Windows jvoitl 2/18/2010
I forgot to ask, what type windows are you using, the cyrstals or the metal with lots of holes?
Re:Untrained personal and IR Windows Pete 2/22/2010
jvoitl wrote:
t to ask, what type windows are you using, the cyrstals or the metal with lots of holes?
We are going with the Hawk IR crystals.

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