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Do all IR cams make clicking sound? DIYdude 3/8/2010
I just got an extech i5 and it makes a clicking sound several times a minute. When it clicks the image freezes momentarily. This is slightly annoying.

According to flir FAQ, the cam is calibrating. Why does it have to calibrate so frequently? Do all IR cams do this?
Re:Do all IR cams make clicking sound? Gary Orlove 3/8/2010
The cameras have a built in shutter that will make a clicking noise during camera operation, which is normal. The shutter briefly swings in front of the detector to make a Non-Uniformity Correction.

In some camera models, the shutter can be temporarily disabled to avoid interference with critical analysis. Please see camera manuals for details.

The corrections are made more frequently when the camera body is changing temperature rapidly, such as after starting or after being moved from a warm environment to a colder one.

Experience has shown that the clicking frequency will be reduced if the camera is left to stabilize in its environment for 20 minutes or more.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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