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T-Reflect Jranki 3/11/2010
I recently took the level 1 thermogrophy course through the ITC, However I must have missed or forgot the information on how to achieve the t-reflect. Im using a Flir B50.
Re:T-Reflect TomC 3/12/2010
Reflected apparent temperature is determined by place a diffuse (crumpled then flattened back out) aluminum foil reflector in front of your target at the same angle of the target. Set the emissivity in the camera to 1 and distance to 0. This is "apparent temperature" use the area average tool to measure the temperature of the foil and enter it into your camera. Do not stand directly in front of the foil but measure the temperatures from an angle to avoid reflecting your body's energy as much as possible.

If the camera deoes not have an area average mode use the spot tool and record 8-10 temperatures around the surface of the foil and do an average in your head. Keep in mind that reflected apparent temperatures are extremely critical when measuring low emissivity targets and not as critical for high emissivity targets.

As a new Level I thermographer you should probably not attempt to measure targets with emissivities below about .5
Re:T-Reflect Jranki 3/12/2010
Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to figure out the treflect on the FLIR reporting software? I am only isong the b50 cam and do not have the ability to use the area average and am unable to set the distance on the camera

Re:T-Reflect jvoitl 3/16/2010
RAT cannot be calculated, it must be measured with aluminum foil.

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