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Rock Ballast Roof Ea1Services 3/23/2010
I have done roof inspection but never a roof with rock ballast. This building is over 80,000 sq ft and removal of the ballast doesn't fit the owners budget. Does anyone have a camera suggestion or paper on other methods to IR this type of roof.
Re:Rock Ballast Roof Bob Berry 3/24/2010
Is it an inverted roof design?
Re:Rock Ballast Roof StecGuy 6/8/2010
I'm going to keep this as short as i can. The camera isn't as important as the conditions required to scan these types of roofs. the first reply post to your thread asks a good question. My reply pertains to conventional ballasted single-ply systems with insulation below the waterproofing membrane. I scan around 1 million square feet of ballasted roof systems a year.

1. You need quite high temps to penetrate the ballast. Best conditions are upper 80's, or above, several dry days, and uninterrupted sunshine.

2. Ballast cannot be more than a few inches thick, otherwise there is not enough heat load.

This is one of the most difficult roof systems to scan. Take your time. If some of the anomalies are hard to define, find what you think is an edge. With your foot, remove a 4 sq. ft. section of ballast. The area you clear should be half into the anomaly, and half into the suspect dry area. Walk around for a few minutes and let it cool. When you come back, if wet, the one half of the anomaly will still be bright, while the other 50% will have cooled. This will help you pick up the outline of the anomaly.

Not perfect, and clients should be advised of it before hand.

Hope i didn't confuse you, or leave anything out.
Re:Rock Ballast Roof Ea1Services 6/18/2010
StecGuy no and I appreciate the answer. Unfortunately the client has decided that the costs involved are beyond what they expected. Too many newer guys giving work away for 30% less than my fees. Not that I am surprised.

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