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CRAC the Code cannman 3/23/2010
I have been imaging CRAC units and data rooms now for quite some time.

This area needs some training but its another great application.

I can share a little on here but there is a lot of information so I'm limited. Knowing what matters counts- qualitative is all that matters with IR in this case.

other measurements will be needed with other tools.

I have a paper about it for the next IR conference- I'm not sure which conf yet.

Thats part of HVAC application training. This is not about electrical. I'm not a PDU person and most PDU people aren't CRAC people - (funny)

the point is that just because the data center has thermal imaging performed by someone for the electrical doesn't mean another tradesmans' expertise can't sell another part of the room. and in a non competing way. electrical is for safety- HVAC is for effectivness and energy.

This image was also taken by the electrical IR person and was left un addressed. I see things differently- there is a report on my web pages it too large to put here.

We have more opportunity than one thinks . If the owner knows about IR and thinks its only for electrical -at least they know and believe that IR is an asset. Expanding your education after the IR class must be ongoing with applications.


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