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Question regarding grave detection. KTtoll 3/26/2010
Hello. First time poster here. This may be as far away from where I need to be as possible so apologies if so. We are making a documentary on Billy The Kid and his controversial death/buriel location and I am curious to know if there is any type of infrared or other heat seeking equipment that can detect the presence or non presence of a body in a specific area without digging, perhaps from above ground of a suggested burial location or perhaps even from the sky. For example a CAT Scan method type machine that could be used to tell if there is evidence of wood, as in a wooden casket, steel, cotton, etc... Basically any sort of machines (regardless of budget) that could be used to do an Xray so-to-speak for this sort of thing. Anyway, any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Laymens terms please :) We are not scientest and don't really speak the vocabulary... Thanks so much.
Re:Question regarding grave detection. qhinspect 3/27/2010
Thermal imaging would not be of benefit to you in this search. You need to use ground penetrating radar or something like it.
is a company I found doing an online search
Hope it helps.
Re:Question regarding grave detection. JKEngineer 3/27/2010
Successful work in this area has been done and reported in the IR literature. Under the correct conditions, IR can detect "disturbed earth" even decades or centuries after the disturbance.

"Disturbed earth" includes burials, trails, buried objects, etc. The IR works because the temperature of the surface over the disturbance varies differently over the day than the temperature over adjacent, non-disturbed areas. The difference is driven by the differences in the thermal properties, conductivity and density, of the disturbed earth compared to the undisturbed earth.

The technique has been used to locate graves, but not identify whether there is a coffin vs. a corpse vs. a skeleton, etc.

I must also report that my one attempt at using this was not successful. I do believe, however, that under the correct conditions it would be. I was limited in the conditions that I was working under.

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Re:Question regarding grave detection. Gary Orlove 3/29/2010
Check these links out

Gary Orlove
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