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Roofing Thermography Questions dmosier22 3/29/2010
I am taking thermal images of built up roofing and have questions about a few anomalies. The overlaps of the BUR seem to be holding heat on some of the homes and others not. Ive enclosed a photo of The anomalies, any imput on what might cause this would be greatly appreciated. Also Im curios as to how to set the reflected apparent temperature for these images.They are taken in the evening after the sun is off the roofs, usually with a clear sky with medium wind
Re:Roofing Thermography Questions ron lucier 3/29/2010
You are seeing normal overlap thermal patterns. The extra mass of the mastic and roll roof hold the heat longer. Some manufacturers use IR to check on whether the installer met the specified overlap. Of course they can only see the first ply.

Good luck!
Re:Roofing Thermography Questions Dominic A 6/4/2010
This is a roof with a problem. You can see the zone is warmer on the left.
You need a delta T around 4 or 5 degree on that type of membrane.
Good luck

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