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Veterinary Infrared Seminar@ Teiky Post University vet-therm 5/15/2004
Teikyo Post University in Waterbury, CT is sponsoring an introductory weekend seminar, June 11-13, about the use of infrared thermography in veterinary medicine. Dr. Donna Harper, a veterinan and certified veterinary thermographer, will present the seminar. Topics related to large and small animal thermography will be presented with various sessions open to the public, persons interested in learning what is involved in veterinary thermography, and a special session for veterinarians and sponsored vet-techs. This weekend is an introduction to an in-depth 2 week course slated to be held in the fall 2004 where college degree hours will be available to participants. Please go to the web-site and check the "training" page for the registration form. We look forward to meeting all interested thermographers in attendance.
Re:Veterinary Infrared Seminar@ Teiky Post University Thermoimagen 5/15/2004
great site ..

will be any available documents after event to persons that can not assist to seminar?..

Re:Veterinary Infrared Seminar@ Teiky Post University vet-therm 6/23/2004
Hello--the TPU seminar was held on June11-13, and was a basic overview to educate interested people on what is involved in doing IR in animals. The attendees included people from both the U.S. and Canada. It was not meant to be an in-depth course as that is planned for the fall 2004. Please watch our web-site for an announcement of the dates and more specific info; however, the fall course will require personal attendance as it will not be offered via the internet.

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