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Personal Video Recorder to video Inspections Nextgen Restoration 4/20/2010
Does anyone know of a PVR that I can run the video output of my t400 and a mic into to record the inspection. I once used an Aiptek unit, but it is no longer made and the files were HUGE. Your thoughts and experiences would be much appreciated.

If you don't want to type, I can be reached at 813.335.5188.

Thanks in advance.....
Re:Personal Video Recorder to video Inspections IRJay 4/20/2010
I use the Archos AV700. But any of the newer handheld DVR that accept the video and audio directly work great. Be sure the unit accepts the video signal without the addon parts (inconvenient). there are other manufacturers to research
Re:Personal Video Recorder to video Inspections Jkays 4/24/2010
Not to take anybody off of this site but this was just talked about on IR Talk here is the link.

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