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What cameras happydays 4/25/2010
We are hoping to set up a thermography business and would like some professional advice from all you experts out there. I think we are looking for a Flir camera or two to cover the type of work we intend to start with. I would like to know what camera would be best to be able to do general house inspections and also preventative maintainance for companies i.e. Fuseboards etc.
Would we need two seperate cameras for both applications or could we purchase one camera to do both? If seperate cameras are required should we maybe buy second user units or always stick to new?
Any help and advice will be much apprieciated.
Re:What cameras jvoitl 4/27/2010
BIG question. Yes you can use one camera for both applications. On the below web site FLIR has a free downloadable booklet "12 Things to Know Before Buying an Infrared Camera." Snell has a free webinair about buying an infrared camera. Both of these are very informative.
Re:What cameras manuel-thermoimagen 4/29/2010
12 Things to Know Before Buying an Infrared Camera." link..

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