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Why only some FLIR cameras make clicking sound? DIYdude 5/10/2010
FLIR cam for home inspection (e.g. extech i5) make a clicking sound, along with a momentary screen freeze, several times a minute as a calibration procedure.

The other day I watched a TV documentary where a different kind of FLIR (shape like a camcorder) was used to record animals. The footage does not have momentary freezes, which means the camera does not make the clicking or calibration sound.

So why is it necessary for the i5 to make the clicking sound, and not for other FLIR cam?
Re:Why only some FLIR cameras make clicking sound? mobilenuke 5/10/2010
My T400 does the same calibration check. It always seems to happen when you don't want it to.
Re:Why only some FLIR cameras make clicking sound? Bob Berry 5/11/2010
Your camera is doing something called a NUC (Non Uniformity Correction) function. As the camera including the detector heat up due to it being used, the detector pixels drift. The pixels do not drift uniformly. The camera software compensates for the drift up to a cetain point, but when the limit is reached the NUC function is triggered. Basically what happens is that a uniform shutter is placed between the lens and the detector for a moment and the signal is processed. This is a necessary function in a camera. The NUC function should happen more frequently when the camera first starts. In some high end cameras the frequency of this can be reduced.
Re:Why only some FLIR cameras make clicking sound? Mrjikey 6/2/2010
On the higher end cameras I believe you can also disable the NUC function for video purposes.


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