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New On Demand FLIR Reporter 8 Course Gary Orlove 5/18/2010
This course will introduce you to FLIR Systems premier report and analysis software, FLIR Reporter Pro 8.

The FLIR Reporter 8 online course is aimed at infrared camera owners who want to leverage the power of FLIR Reporter software.

Regardless of the type of FLIR infrared camera that you use, FLIR Reporter software is the simplest and quickest way to communicate the critical details of an infrared inspection. The Introduction to Report Writing Course teaches infrared camera owners how to leverage the power of FLIR Reporter software to generate inspection reports and perform detailed infrared image analysis.

By the end of the course students will have an excellent understanding of how to quickly produce a detailed and professional report using FLIR Reporter. Students will also understand how to change critical IR image parameters in the report and how to use the vast array of measurement tools at their disposal. Finally, students will understand how to modify an existing template to meet their specific needs. FLIR Reporter is a powerful tool and, when utilized to its full potential, can optimize the report writing process.

Additional modules will be added to this course over time. Your tuition will allow you to access these modules when they are available at no additional charge.

As an introductory offer, the first 50 learners can enroll for FREE using the coupon code "REPORTER".

Use this link to enroll:

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