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Ammonia Tank Laland 6/5/2010
have been doing inspection but on electrical equipments. I was asked to do an inspection to look for leaks for an ammonia tank, 26 meters in diameter and 10-15 meters high. I need any inputs on how to do it.

Re:Ammonia Tank TDLIR 6/5/2010
Are you talking about these type of ammoina tanks (see image)?

What do you mean by finding leaks?

Re:Ammonia Tank JKEngineer 6/6/2010
I am also unsure of what you mean by find leaks. I would think that any leak of reasonable size would show as a cold area. That assumes the ammonia is refrigerated, which may be a bad assumption.

A technique I used to use for finding chlorine leaks (on small equipment) was to use ammonia in a lab squeeze bottle. Where the ammonia contacted the leaking chlorine, a white cloud of ammonium chloride would form. It's very visible and very obvious.

To implement the same on this would require using chlorine. That is probably not a good idea, both from the standpoint of its characteristics and the size of the tank. You might discuss this with the plant, however.

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Re:Ammonia Tank Laland 6/8/2010
Thank you very much on your replies. I have to discuss with the client what do they want to look for.
Re:Ammonia Tank ircamex 7/7/2010
Ammonia leak induces gaz cloud devoloppement, we have au Flir gazFinder camera GF306 able to detect ammonia leaks.
We are based in France.

Let us know if this proposal retains your attention
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