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Window and ledge condensation blkexp98 6/8/2010
I am taking some images of a few windows a client has some moisture issues with. The windows are commercial and have a granite sill on the inside. The frames are aluminum and the windows are only a few years old.

In the WINTER they have moisture buildup on the windows and on the granite interior sill. I have looked around the frame and dont notice any leaks but am not using a blower door. I dont have one avaliable. What ive been doing is taking some shots of the glass from a few different angles.

On some rooms i noticed there was a few degrees cooler line in the center not a spot like ive seen on here. Some of the other ones had the cool parts in other areas so im at a loss. In other rooms the glass was a consistant temperature. I also saved some images from different angles so i can have a better idea what parts are reflections.

Do any of you have any ideas of what i could try or some possable causes i could look into?

Thanks for any help.
Re:Window and ledge condensation mobilenuke 6/9/2010
If you are able please post several images.

Without having been there this is just a WAG.

Aluminum is a great temperature conductor and will transfer the cooler outside temp to the granite sill.
Warm moist interior air will condense on these surfaces. Since it isn't winter anymore the opposite transference should occur which is why pics would be nice. If there is solar loading on the window look for an increase in interior frame temp and conduction to the granite. Caution- you may have to "play" with the images in your processing software to decrease the span to demonstrate the changes in the granite.
Without a blower door available to you, you can try to build a makeshift one using a fan and plastic sheeting
Re:Window and ledge condensation blkexp98 7/9/2010
I have been out of town and out of the country over the past few weeks so sorry for the delay on the pictures.

For some more background some of the windows have window units and others do not. The moisture issue is appening with both. Also the moisture is both on the granite sill and the glass itself. The rainbow pallet seemsed to show the changes best so i will post them in that. Also the way we decided to take the images was randomly so these may or may not be the the ones with issues. That was their decision to help find an issue. They have a list of the rooms with problems.

Re:Window and ledge condensation blkexp98 7/9/2010
On this picture the sun is also coming in from the top left and its on the 3rd floor. There are some tall pine trees a little ways away behind it. The shade at the top is from the window frame and the suns direction.
Re:Window and ledge condensation blkexp98 7/9/2010
This 3rd picture is from the 4th floor and shows what ive seen in a couple other images with the slightly cooler spot in the center. It again has the shade at the top from the frame. I have seen the same long cooler spot on the front of the building where there are no obstructions as well. Looking at my normal image the sun is coming in more from the top right.

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