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Roof Inspection infrareddiagnostics 6/11/2010
I am surveying a 12000sf roof that has an aluminum coating surface treatment. The roof is about 10 yrs old and appears in fairly good shape. However because of sporatic discoloration (age and element buildup)on the aluminum coating I'm seeing very cold, highly reflective images right next to ambient images from the discolored sections. I've changed RAT to try and compensate but not sure how to distinguish between true infiltration issues and effects of the very different surface reflexivity. Any suggestions?
Re:Roof Inspection Randy 7/7/2010
The best way to view reflective surfaces is to change the angle of view. Walk around the suspect area to get a differnt angle. If possible get above the roof, on a penthouse or higher roof. Also, we never use IR alone when doing roof surveys. Always use nuclear or capacitance backup to verify moisture.
Re:Roof Inspection StecGuy 9/21/2010
Its also important to know the type of insulation beneath these types of systems, and the moisture patterns related with them. I assume you are talking about a coated bur type system (or mod bit)? These typically have cover boards of perlite or wood fiber. Some old ones may have fiberglass.

Know and look for your patterns, and as was mentioned, use different viewing angles. I also carry a Tramex Capacitance Meter for additional verification.

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