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2 articles about IR Thermography and plant diseases Ramiro Álvarez 6/22/2010
(1) "Use of thermal and visible imagery for estimating crop water status of irrigated grapevine"

Achieving high quality wine grapes depends on the ability to maintain mild to moderate levels of water stress in the crop during the growing season. This study investigates the use of thermal imaging for monitoring water stress.


2)Charakterisation of different Venturia inaequalis- Isolates with digital Infrared-Thermography

KEYWORDS: Apple scab, digital infrared-thermography, fungicide, Venturia inaequalis

Hoja (espectro IR térmico):


Ramiro Álvarez Clavero
Teledetección - C.A.C.T.I.
Vicerrectoría de Investigación


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