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IR Window procedure Pete 6/23/2010
Anybody have a procedure for using IR Windows already written, that they would be willing to share? We are finally starting to install IR Windows and I have to revise our Thermography procedure to include their use. I don't want to re-invent the wheel and write a procedure if I can "borrow" one of yours. If possible I would like a procedure that includes setting the external optics temperature and how to do it if the camera does not have an external optics option. We currently use Flir cameras (SD Flir, E-4, P595, P640, and the P660. So some have the External optics temperature option and others don't.

Thank you,
Re:IR Window procedure Raphael ITC Eurasia 6/23/2010
I suggest you look at the following standard:
E1453-93(2002)e1 Measuring and Compensating for Transmittance of an Attenuating Medium

It is also a normative reference for ISO 18434-1.

The methodology explained in this standard is not universal. It only works if the real temperature of the window and the reflected apparent temperature (also defined in ISO 18434-1) are equal.

Full estimation of transmittance can be done via differential measurement performed with radiance or digital counts units.

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