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Research on flame tubes propeine 5/19/2004
Hi, I'm relatively new to all of this but have some questions. We're using a single U-Tube in a replica furnace to study the effects of silicon graphite inserts and I need a way to safely study the temperature profile of the furnace. I'm using an A20 Flir Systems camera and our furnace operates at 1800 degrees F. The high temp option is in the process of being acquired. The problem is the way to safely image without melting the camera housing. Would it be better to liquid cool the camera or to use a sight window? The maximum distance I need to read is 63" and the minimum is 13". Any suggestions are welcomed. If you need to further understand what I'm doing check out

Thanks in advance
Tom Demitras
SpinWorks LLC
Re:Research on flame tubes akzonobel 6/3/2004
My I donot understand that good you problem but my suggestion would be an other camera lens. I donot know what lens you use, but with a 16" or maybe 4" lens you can keep distance from the object.

Wilco Kettelarij
Akzo Nobel
The Netherlands
Re:Research on flame tubes danny_b 6/16/2004
When I shoot regular furnace tubes there are port holes on the side of the furnace maybe you can install this on your mock furnace. Never wear gloves doing this because you want your hand will tell you when the camera is getting to hot. Also you can only have this port if the furnace is running under negative pressure.

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