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Cermic Coating Dude 7/7/2010
Is there anything special things to consider when shooting items coated with ceramic coatings?
Re:Cermic Coating Raphael ITC Eurasia 7/7/2010
Sure, at least the emissivity.
Are you operating a MW or LW camera?
Is the temperature constant, or is it susceptible to vary a) in a wide range b) rapidly during the operation.
What type of ceramic coating is it? There are many types.
Re:Cermic Coating Dude 7/7/2010
Sorry lots of variables
1- LW P640
2- Constant steam pipe 230 deg F
3- Mascoat Delta T, Supertherm, Nansulate,Thermaguard
Re:Cermic Coating Raphael ITC Eurasia 7/8/2010
I have never done full tests on such materials which claim to be radiant barriers and/or reduce solar load.

I would perform first a Trefl+emissivity estimation according to the ISO 18434-1 standard.

Then, obtaining reliable temperatures will depend on the combination emissivity+Trefl+Surface Temperature. A rapid calculation gives 85 % of the radiant flux coming from the surface if TRefl is 105 °F and the emissivity 0.7. This is still a rather comfortable situation. If the emissivity is in fact higher, no problem. If the emissivity is smaller, the final displayed temperatures will lose accuracy, and, in the end, become irrealistic.

Then, whatever the level of confidence in the temperatures, I would be very cautious in announcing a overall thermal toll.
Re:Cermic Coating Dude 7/14/2010
Thanks I was hoping someone had done some work with these coatings
Re:Cermic Coating ROP 8/6/2010
Dude wrote:
e anything special things to consider when shooting items coated with ceramic coatings?
Maybe you can find usefull information in an other post at the forum which is called insulating coating (?) posted in November 2009.


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