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8.5 Pro Software Issues jwhatle 7/8/2010
Has anyone been having problems with 8.5 Pro software and using MS Word 2007? Some times when I attach an IR image to the report template and then use the polygon area feature to determine temperature appearance of an object, MS Word 2007 locks down and then goes into a file recovery mode. After the recovered document is displayed, it shows the appeared temperature and works fine until it decides to lock up and go into recovery mode again. This does not happen everytime and is very unpredictable in when it may occur. Also I would like to mention this never happened when I was using MS Word 2003.
Re:8.5 Pro Software Issues Tintin 7/8/2010
Hi This issue you are experiencing is a Office related issue. here is a link to a hotfix :

you can also download the latest version called Reporter 8.5 SP2 we have included that microsoft hotfix in this version :

if you still have an issue please visit
Re:8.5 Pro Software Issues jwhatle 7/8/2010
Thanks for the link and information so far it has not locked up since I downloaded the hotfix. I kind of figured it was a MS Word 07 issue when I didnt have problems with MS Word 03. Have A Good One!

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