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Camera Equipment mkw 7/12/2010

I have a BX320 with a 15mm wide angle lens which is primarily used to do commercial roof inspections. On a recent inspection I almost dropped my camera while using a wall mounted ladder. I’ll usually keep the camera in the case while negotiating ladders which makes it difficult to climb and hang onto the case. I’m considering getting a Lowepro 400 camera case. I’m wondering how this would work when I have to access attic spaces. I’ve checked into holsters but it seems like they won’t accommodate a wide angle lens. I currently use a backpack for my laptop and other gear. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Re:Camera Equipment Top Gun 7/14/2010
A rope comes to mind in climbing as you indicated. Tie a long enough rope to the handle of your camera case, climb up to your elevated position with rope end attached to you and then pull the camera case up to you. That's my suggestion.

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