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Can you recommend for IR video camera zsink 7/19/2010
I currently have an inframetrics 740 camera, but i'm looking for something that captures video. I don't need it to be fancy; the 740 does just fine video quality wise, but it only does still images. I'll be imaging thermoelectric coolers, which change temperature very fast from 20 degrees C up to 130C, so it would be nice if it could auto scale, or at least be able to manually change the temperature range very quickly. Anyone have or could recommend a video camera?
Re:Can you recommend for IR video camera Novotny 7/27/2010
I do have a Flir P65 posted for sale that does a great job with video. It will record up to 35 seconds on video in an AVI file. Do some research on this camera and let me know if you would like any further information

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