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capture BNC output with USB zsink 7/19/2010
I just posted about looking for a video camera to replace my Inframetrics 740. If i'm not able to get an IR camcorder, i think i can use my still camera as one by capturing the output on my computer in real time. I would be doing so on a laptop, so a usb device would be preferable. my camera has a BNC output and the only thing that i could find that captures BNC is this:
Do you think that would work? another option i was considering would be to get a cable that converts BNC to vga or rca and then getting a capture device for either of those. Let me know what you tink.
Re:capture BNC output with USB Gary Orlove 7/19/2010
There are many devices you could use for this. Here are some:

Just get a BNC to Phono plug adapter at Radio Shack and you should be all set.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:capture BNC output with USB zsink 7/19/2010
great, so there's no funky business going from bcn to rca or svideo?

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