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electrical diagnosting romain 7/23/2010
Can you help me to evaluate the cost for electrical diagnosting , in hospital and medical area , electrics boxes to control in different area

in france


romain vallet
itc certifcate level 1
Re:electrical diagnosting ati 9/11/2010
I’m fairly new to this myself but here is what I have learned so far. First you need to be aware of the safety codes for this type of work. In Canada we now have to arc flash training and gear to work on live electrical systems. Some companies/organizations may require safety programs to be completed as well. It is also require that only a qualified electrician remove and install electrical panel covers, and this makes good sense for safety reasons. Find out what is required of you for each site. Is it just thermography and report problems, or assess the nature and criteria of the problems as well. They may also want more than one report. Get the requirements in writing.

As for the pricing you will need to know the following. You may need an electrician. Large organization usually have electrician on staff. Ask that they provide their electrician for your needs or you will have to include one in your quote, unless you are one. You should perform a walk around and look at the overall work and make notes of everything required of you. Estimate the time it will take to do the job times you hourly wage. Add in costs for travel and report time & output (professionally bound reports go over better). Add several hours for the unexpected and note that waiting time, in-depth analysis and return to site are extra. Make sure you specify in your quote exactly what service you will be providing.

It will take several contracts to even start getting a feel for this process and you will probably spend a lot more time on your first couple of contracts then what you quoted for but this is a part of the learning curve.

Hope this helps and good luck


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