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Thermographer levels Le Hanie 8/26/2010
Is there a do and can not do list for level 1 and level 2 thermographers? If so, where can we find a document listing the differences in the levels?
Re:Thermographer levels Gary Orlove 8/26/2010
Check out the ASNT SNT-TC-1A recommend practice ( and the ISO 18436 standard (

Here is a list from the ISO standard.

Level I
Individuals certified as Level I are qualified personnel who are certified to perform industrial thermographic measurements and basic infrared thermography according to established and recognized procedures.
Personnel certified as Level I shall be qualified to:
a) apply a specified thermographic measurement technique;
b) set up and operate the thermal imaging equipment for safe thermographic data collection;
c) perform basic fault detection and severity assessment;
d) perform basic image post processing (measurement tools, emissivity adjustments, span and scale adjustments, etc);
e) Maintain a data base of results and trends;
f) Verify the calibration of thermographic measurement systems;
g) Evaluate and report test results and highlight areas of concern; and
h) Be able to recognize and prevent or control factors that result in the acquisition of poor quality data (sources of data error).

Level II
Individuals certified as Level II are qualified to perform and/or direct infrared thermography according to established and recognized procedures. Personnel classified as Level II require all the knowledge and skills expected of personnel classified as Level I and shall also be qualified to:
a) Select the appropriate infrared thermography technique and understand its limitations;
b) Apply thermography theory and techniques, including measurement and interpretation of survey results;
c) Specify the appropriate hardware and software for both portable and permanently installed systems;
d) perform fault diagnoses;
e) recommend appropriate field corrective actions;
f) perform advanced image post processing (image, trending, montage, subtraction, super-imposition, statistical analysis, etc);
g) use generally recognized advanced techniques for infrared thermography and fault diagnosis in accordance with established procedures;
h) prepare reports on equipment condition, fault diagnoses, corrective actions and the effectiveness of repairs; and
i) provide instructions and technical direction to Level I certified personnel.
Re:Thermographer levels Le Hanie 8/27/2010
Thank you gary, appreciate that.

Re:Thermographer levels Prakash 8/28/2010
Dear Sir,
I Am intrested in doing Level-II in thermography in India.So, kindly provide me furthur details to join the course.
Thanking You

Re:Thermographer levels Christiane 8/30/2010
Dear Prakash,

for the moment, unfortunately, there are no Level 2 courses scheduled for India. You find the schedule on , selecting "Global - Except North America".
The next Level 2 courses in English (outside the US) are in South Africa, starting September 13, and in the UK, starting December 6. These courses follow ISO.

Level 2 (ASNT) classes in the US you will find here:®ion=1&sort=

Best regards

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