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PM 390 Therma Cam Current Value?? weseeheat 5/22/2004
What is the current value for a PM390 Therma Cam?
Current updates by FLIR and in the hard case with all the goodies and then some?

Thank you in advance for all those who reply.
Re:PM 390 Therma Cam Current Value?? Thermasearch 5/23/2004
The 390 is becomming a popular imager. Probably because it can be outfitted for hi temp applications and the image is clean. I recently worked with a client to determine and obtain an imager suited for their many applications and settled on a 390. Flir said that they will probably maintain them till (possibly)2008. When you buy it from them (when they have one) it is in the mid 30K's with one year of waranty and in cal. typically. When you go to American Infrared (when they have one) you may still be able to find one at around 20K mark. My client purchased their 390 imager a few weeks ago. So I guess it is up to the usual, how much are you willing to sell it for, and how fast do you want to sell it. Perhaps these two will want yours?

Good Luck,

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