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what do you see ? romain 10/20/2010
yesterday , beginning of the night , 5°c outside
Re:what do you see ? Top Gun 10/20/2010
I will touch on the windows. What's behind the camera is almost as important as what's in front of the camera. Reflected Apparent Temperature (RAT) could be huge influence in what you see on the glass of windows. The upper and right windows could be reflecting the Very Cold sky and the left window could be reflecting a woods or another building.
Re:what do you see ? romain 10/20/2010
It's in the country , no over building , just one tree, when I move I can see the same picture
Re:what do you see ? Jkays 12/19/2010
Does the window on the right have the shades closed? It also appears there is some heat loss around it to.

Jeremy Kays

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