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building report romain 11/2/2010
can you help me , what can you tell me about this door , 7.30am outside 2°c inside 15°c
Re:building report mobilenuke 11/3/2010
We need more info to be able to help out.
Digital pic would help.
Is there shade on outside?
What is the wall composition?

Please provide some more info and we can try to help
Re:building report happlin 12/3/2010
Looks like air is coming through the frame.

Is the door frame metal?
Re:building report glassman 12/4/2010
HI, this looks as though there is an issue with the robust details. However more info is a must and also the angle is a bit of an issue.
More info is a must
Re:building report skid 12/8/2010
Looks like a reflectivity/emissivity issue to me. There is no way you can that temperature difference touching each other with no gradient change.

Move around and take another image.

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