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Opacity of furnace gas Kim H.A. 5/26/2004
I am searching for data of CO absorption/opacity in furnace gasses. The temperature range is app. 1200 oC. It is not too important what the precise temperature and sight path length is. Any assistance or good links are highly appreciated.

Kim H. Andersen
Re:Opacity of furnace gas Thermoimagen 5/26/2004
hi Kim ..

may i ask what you want to do ?..
maybe combustion efficency?..
the atmosphere is only CO? or have more components like NOx,
what about water vapors?

your question is a good question..

Re:Opacity of furnace gas Kim H.A. 5/27/2004
It is for surface temperature measurements in a fired heater.

There are several other combustion products in the gas. I have very detailed opacity tables for most of the other combustion products, primarely water and CO2. However if the furnace is not operated with excess air I am wondering if CO in the gas has an effect in low wavelength bands, 0-10 micron.

This is basically the reason for my interest in CO opacity data.

Kim H. Andersen
Re:Opacity of furnace gas Gary Orlove 5/27/2004
The recommended wavelength to use for your application is usually 3.9µm where the combustion gasses emit the least and are highly transparent to infrared radiation. Use of a 3.9µm filter in your infrared camera therefore greatly reduces the effects of the intervening atmosphere.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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