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Extech Readings JohnW 11/15/2010
Using the Extech moisture meter with the B300 works great in capturing the information. How the heck do I get any of this information to appear within a Quick Report? While it shows in the thumbnail, as soon as the image is pulled into Analyse, it all disappears and doesn't appear at all within the generated report. Any ideas?
Re:Extech Readings jgagnon 11/15/2010
Hello John,

I suspect that you may have an older version of QuickReport. You must have version 1.2 SP2 to show Meterlink data. You can easily check the version in QuickReport by clicking Help, About from the menus. If you have this version the Meterlink data shows on the External Sensor tab, to the right of the IR image in Analyze mode. To show it on the report you must click Report Information (on the Report tab) and click the checkbox to "Show Meterlink Data".

If you have an older version please uninstall it and download the latest version from our Support Center website:
Download the EXE version and run the file to install.

Hopefully that will solve it, if you have any additional questions please contact me or submit a question to .


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.

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