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The World Leader in IR Thermography Training

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Mission Statement

“The Infrared Training Center is committed to delivering the highest quality thermography training for, and by, thermal imaging professionals that exceed the requirements of domestic and international standards."

ITC’s commitment is to serve those who work tirelessly to promote reliability and safety within their organizations and communities. Our mission is to deliver meaningful, engaging, and practical thermal education designed to promote perceptual awareness, reduce decision-making uncertainty, and protect the wellbeing of those in difficult working environments. ITC’s certification is membership to the world’s most exclusive network of professional thermographers. We employ the world’s leading subject matter experts to assure the highest quality standards consistently across the globe.

Our Values

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Education & Expertise- Match practice to reality.

Learn from our expert instructors who possess more than a century of combined practical experience.

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Student-Centric- We believe in more than a test score.

Student success is evaluated against active learning modules designed to include hands-on labs, critical thinking exercises, and open class dialogues that compliment traditional examination methods.

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Longevity- Certification that’s built to last.

At the pace of technology, we maintain our courses with the most relevant industry developments designed to ensure you’re an expert in your respective field.

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Guidance- Learning doesn’t end in the classroom.

Our team of instructors are here to offer advice and help support you in your IR endeavors.

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Credibility- Developed to recognized standards.

Trust that no matter where in the world you receive an ITC certification, it meets or exceeds domestic and international industry standards.

The ITC Advantage

About Us

ITC is the world’s largest and leading infrared training and certification provider— your resource for enhancing your thermal imaging skills, building your thermography business, and ensuring your credibility with customers. We’re the only organization certified to the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Standard. That’s why ITC certification is considered the gold-standard qualification among industry professionals.

ITC offers a vast array of application-focused courses, from beginner to expert, so students never have to settle for a course that only meets some of their needs. These courses cover applications such as electrical and mechanical systems, building and roof applications, optical gas imaging, furnace inspection, and research and development. ITC hosts more than 600 scheduled training dates at a variety of locations around the world.

Meet our Staff

Headquartered in Nashua, NH with regional office locations spread throughout the world, the Infrared Training Center is committed to training excellence. As an ISO 9001 certified business, we are devoted to continuous improvement across our operations, curriculum development, content delivery, and support resources to ensure the highest quality deliverables and learning experience for our students.

Ronald D. Lucier

Senior Instructor ASNT NDT Level III

Rusty Bushee

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

John Waggoner

Senior Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Scott Sammons

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Bill Schwahn

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Jeff Sneed

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Brian Burns

ITC Level III Master Thermographer

Chris Allen

ITC Level I Thermographer

Alex Chrusciel

ITC Manager

Jason Gagnon

ITC Level II Thermographer

John Keane

ITC Global Director

Laerte dos Santos

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Edgar Hidalgo

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

Nalter Camargo

Instructor ITC Level III Thermographer

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