IR Camera Essentials

This course will discuss essential operating functions and techniques for a variety of camera models. We will demonstrate the user interface for the FLIR One, C-Series, E-Series, and T-Series model infrared cameras and how to navigate the various menu systems. Common settings for localization and save options will be shown, as well as advanced features such as presets, annotations, measurement tool customization, and in-camera image editing functions. We will also discuss connectivity options such as USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI. In addition to camera operation, we will discuss some best practices with respect to image capture and interpretation. Focus, range, and spot size are critical concepts that must be understood before capturing thermal images. We will explain why these are important and how to ensure that you are capturing good data. We will also discuss thermal tuning and how to optimize contrast so images can be adequately interpreted. Poor thermal tuning could result in a problem that is overlooked due to poor contrast.

What you’ll learn?

Understand power and charging options for various camera models. ;

Review common features and functions for the FLIR One, C-Series, E-Series, and T-Series models. ;

Review localization and save options for various camera models.;

Discuss connectivity options for uploading images, mobile connectivity, and external display.;

 Review advanced save options such as CSQ and MPEG recording, text and voice annotations, and time-lapse recording.;

 Demonstrate advanced features such as user presets, measurement tool customization, and in-camera image editing. ;

 Discuss the importance of focus, measurement range, and spot size when capturing images. ;

 Discuss thermal tuning and how to optimize thermal contrast. 

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Level I Electrical Certification Class

“You did a great job keeping everyone engaged in the subjects and made it so it was really interesting and in a sense fascinating to learn about. I am a journeyman electrician... and we are used to dozing off or daydreaming in our required continuing education classes required by the state every 3 years, but this class I never did that!”


Level I Electrical Certification Class

“Thank you for the great training. I found it very informative. After performing thermal imaging for a year and a half, it was nice to understand the "whys" of IR and not just do it like this because that's how I was trained.”

What's included in the course fee?


Live Course Instruction (6hr. session)

Digital Reference Guide

Practical Lab Exercises

Verification of Attendance


Students who complete all training course requirements receive a verification of attendance



Course developed and taught by Infrared Training Center level III instructors

IR Camera requirements

Completion of hands-on labs & exercises will be required, so please bring your thermal camera to class.


If you do not have access to a camera, you can rent one through FLIR by calling 866-477-3687 ext. 1.

If you are attending the course with a colleague or friend you may share a camera, however we recommend no more than three students per camera.

What Do you need

IR Camera

Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course. You may also rent one. Learn more


Required for participation in lab exercises

IR Reporting Software

Please have software installed. Software can be used to assist with many of the camera lab exercises.



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