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How much does it cost to attend one of your courses?
Please check the page for each course to view its current cost (in USD) to attend in the United States.

Are the ITC Thermography Certifications we receive nationally recognized (worldwide)?
The ITC has trained students from around the globe.

Our infrared certifications are globally recognized and are designed to exceed the requirements of international infrared thermography certification standards.

The staff of ITC participates in infrared certification committees to ensure we are aware of the latest developments in international standards. The most widely recognized standard for non-destructive testing in most areas of the world is ASNT, an American standard.

Does ITC offer any discounts to companies sending several students to a course?
Yes, we offer a discount for multiple students from the same organization. Please contact us for details.

What does your Level I, Level II and Level III Thermography Training consist of?
See course topical outlines and ITC overview.

How is the ITC related to FLIR?
The Infrared Training Center is proud to be the customer training arm of FLIR Systems, the global leader in Infrared cameras, night vision, and thermal imaging systems. Our instructors are skilled in all major brands of thermal imagers and are happy to teach you to use any system that you bring to class.

How can I obtain another copy of my training records?
Fill in this form and send it to us along with the specified administration fee.

Is your training recognized by other infrared teaching vendors (if I take your Level I or II Thermography Course will other training vendors accept your certification)?
Other third party training organizations have historically accepted our certifications as prerequisites for their infrared thermography courses without exception. We are confident that our curriculum provides more than an adequate base of knowledge for any of the infrared training industry's current course requirements.

Are you able to go to all international sites for infrared training and are you available for assistance if any technical problems arise?
Our thermography training staff routinely travels internationally and visits any corporate sites. We are happy to provide thermography training and application support by phone, personal visit, email, and our Internet web site. The fact that our parent company, FLIR Systems, has offices in more than 60 countries helps this effort significantly.

How do I recertify?
We require all ITC-thermography certified students to recertify every five years. Recertification may be accomplished by gaining a sufficient number of "recertification points" or passing another exam and submitting new infrared field assignments. Recertification points may be earned by attending specific infrared industry conferences, attending additional infrared training courses, and / or presenting papers or publishing an article in a research journal or trade magazine. More information on ITC recertification.

What recognition(s) does your company hold in the field of IR training?
The Infrared Training Center is the world's largest infrared training organization. We have trained more students and have more ASNT Level III Instructors, support staff, and training equipment/application laboratories than any other infrared training organization in the world today. We are also the only infrared training organization to be certified to the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Standard.

What benefits we will gain if your company does IR training for us?
Students will obtain hands-on training in their infrared camera and software systems from an infrared thermography training staff that has direct factory support on the most popular infrared cameras and software. In the area of IR Theory and Applications, we have more ASNT Level III Thermography-certified instructors in our organization than any other company in the world today. Our approach to infrared applications training utilizes innovative laboratory models both in our corporate training centers and in the infrared courses we teach on the road. Our unique applications laboratories allow each student to obtain relevant experience diagnosing common industrial electrical and mechanical equipment; effects of load, wind speed, distance, emissivity, and solar gain are also explored. Our infrared software training facility allows hands-on use of the software, card readers, and printers. We always have access to the latest software revisions and non-published "tips and tricks."

What IR guidelines do you use?
ITC course learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam are based on requirements outlined by ANSI/ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing. Recognizing the differences between NDT and PdM training needs, we deviate from the guidelines where we feel the student needs specific infrared application emphasis to produce a more competent thermographer. We are also ISO 9001 certified.

What are the requirements for training material/facilities that we would have to provide for an on-site infrared training class?
We customarily request a classroom with lights that dim, a whiteboard, sufficient table workspace for the students to work and take notes, a screen, and a 110VAC or 220VAC power source. We bring an LCD multimedia projector, selected field laboratories, and course workbooks for each student.

Is your infrared training directed toward any specific infrared camera?
We own and train on virtually all makes of infrared cameras. We can easily adapt our courses to be generic in nature in regards to infrared camera equipment, or tailor our thermography instruction to include more focused training on a specific model or models of IR cameras.

What is included in the course fee?
ITC Students receive manuals, certification exams, continental breakfast, and lunch each day.

Upon completion of an infrared training course and a successful passing of the exam, students receive a training certificate and a wallet identification card.

I have a question about an ITC webinar. Where can I get more information?
For information regarding our popular webinar program, please consult our webinar FAQ page.