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Infrared Testing

Infrared testing refers to an inspection process utilizing thermography or infrared cameras as a means to perform situational non-destructive testing or NDT.

Infrared Testing Applications
Infrared testing can be performed in a variety of situations to detect problems before they become much larger issues. Some examples of infrared testing applications:

Roofing - Infrared testing is used to detect water damage and leaks beneath the surface of the roof, allowing the opportunity to repair the section before it continues to spread.

Electrical - Infrared testing is used as a means to detect potential circuit overload or areas of unusually high electrical resistance. This allows electricians to replace the circuit before failure occurs, eliminating costly downtime or further damage to the electrical system.

Electrical testing
Electrical testing display

Preventive Maintenance - Plant maintenance technicians use infrared testing as a form of preventive maintenance by monitoring a variety of machine parts. By evaluating a machine's temperature signatures when in normal operating conditions, one can perform periodic infrared inspections to detect overheating joints, bearings, etc. in order to avoid costly downtime. This kind of preventative or predictive maintenance is critical to increasing and maintaining plant efficiencies.

Building diagnostics - Infrared testing is used to detect heating and cooling loss or moisture problems due to insulation deficiencies or construction issues.

Infrared Testing Procedures
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