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Certification Levels

What do the different Infrared Thermography Certification Levels mean?

Level l Infrared Thermography Certification
Level I certification is the first of three levels of infrared training the ITC offers. Level I thermographers are typically new to infrared thermographic diagnostics, but that doesn't imply that they are entry-level condition monitoring technicians; many Level I professionals actually have years of experience in building and maintaining complex systems.

Level I thermographers generally follow a written test procedure to evaluate specific types of equipment in their facility. They can operate their infrared cameras and software and identify and measure thermal anomalies based on thermal patterns, comparisons with similar equipment, and their own experience.

Level ll Infrared Thermography Certification
The second level of infrared training is Level II. Typically, Level II professionals are experienced thermographers and troubleshooters. Usually after deploying more than one diagnostic technology to determine the root cause of a problem, the Level II expert will recommend repairs. Because of their more advanced IR training, Level II thermographers are qualified to provide technical direction to Level I certified personnel.

Level lll Infrared Thermography Certification
This is the most advanced infrared training level available. A Level III thermographer is primarily a thermography program manager who writes the company's written predictive maintenance/inspection practices, develops the test procedures and severity criteria, determines how often equipment should be inspected, and calculates the return on investment the thermography program is providing.

By completing this advanced infrared training, a Level III thermographer can provide guidance to Level I and II certified personnel. The Level III thermographer is the resource to consult when repeat equipment problems necessitate a review of operating and maintenance procedures, or involve a redesign of equipment.

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