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Infrared Image Galleries

Our infrared image galleries present an array of sample infrared images that demonstrate some of the many applications of infrared thermography and serve as an atlas of thermal patterns associated with malfunctioning equipment.

Thermal Images of R&D Applications

This image gallery includes thermal images of computer chips, heated car seats, jet engines and other R&D application images.

Thermal Images of Predictive Maintenance Applications

Browse thermal images of predictive maintenance applications. Subjects include A/C unit problems, circuit breakers and motors. Many thermal images in this gallery include a visual image for comparison.

Thermal Images of Building Applications

Images in this gallery allow you to see building problems that remain hidden to the naked eye. Infrared cameras allow us to uncover missing insulation and poorly installed fiberglass batting.

Thermal Images of Automation and OEM Applications

Infrared cameras assist in detecting irregularities in automation processes. This gallery contains images that allow us to spot non-uniformity and assist in quality control.