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Image Gallery: R&D/Testing Using Infrared Cameras


Computer Chip   Computer Chip
This is a computer chip under test. ThermaCAM imaging radiometers provide instant identification of a fault.
  Plastic Extrusion   Plastic Extrusion
This is plastic extrusion. You can see the non-uniformity in the extruded product easily. Infrared allows the operator to make adjustments to the process to improve quality.
Heated Car Seats   Heated Car Seats
Inspecting heated car seats.
  Heat Seal   Heat Seal
In food packaging, many of the containers go through a "heat sealing" process. In the case of the milk cartons in this image, we can easily see that there are two containers that didn't get sealed.
Micro resistor   Micro resistor
Micro resistor with faulty element.
  Wafer Board   Wafer Board
This is an annealing process for wafers. Thermography can quickly identify thermal irregularities on critical parts.
PC Board   PC Board
PC board with overheating component.
  Microcircuit   Microcircuit
ThermaCAM image of a microcircuit showing 7 micron leads. Faults even smaller than 7 microns can be detected. ThermaCAM systems can measure very small targets. Even if you knew where a hot spot was on something this small, you couldn't measure it with a thermocouple, since the heat would sink away.
Jet Engine   Jet Engine
Jet engine testing.
  Alloy Wheel Mold   Alloy Wheel Mold
Casting image of an alloy wheel mold. Thermography is often used for mold profiling.
PC Board Hot Spot   PC Board Hot Spot
Obvious hot spot on a PC board.
  Glass at 5.1 microns   Glass at 5.1 microns
Looking at glass surface temperature with a glass filter at 5.1 microns.
Glass   Glass
Looking through glass at 3.4 microns.
  Epoxy   Epoxy
Infrared cameras can measure through many materials. This is a measurement through glass of an epoxy material used as a bonding agent.
Crystal Growth   Crystal Growth
Measuring crystal growth at 1300C through and IR transparent window.
  Mold temperature   Mold temperature
Mold temperature in an automotive wheel.
Frozen Chicken   Frozen Chicken
Frozen chicken temperatures in freezer unit.