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Image Gallery: Predictive Maintenance Using Infrared Cameras


Windshield Washer Fluid Pump   Windshield Washer Fluid Pump
It appears the coupling has failed or is out of alignment.
  Torpedo Ladle   Torpedo Ladle
In this CVM, a torpedo ladle full of molten steel is monitored for refractory breakdown. If the refractory lining breaks down, the steel could melt through the skin of the vessel. A blowout can be disastrous, as the temperature of molten steel is in excess of 1000 degrees C.
A/C Unit Problem  

A/C Unit Problem
A\C unit overheated and shut down after running for aproximately 30 min. After visual inspection from ground level maintenance was unable to pin-point trouble.

A decision was made to use infrared thermography to determine the reason for overheating.

After taking a thermal image of the A\C unit, it was determined that there was excessive heat build-up at the connection of the HI pressure line to the condenser. This in turn created excessive pressure in the compressor causing the overtemp switch to kick off. Visual inspection verified there was a crushed HI pressure tube at the condenser.

Repair: Evacuated A\C system and replaced HI pressure line from Condenser to Compressor, recharged system with 6.50 LBS of Freon 22.

Total Parts & Labor: $890

  Cable to Busbar Connection   Cable to Busbar Connection
This cable to busbar connection feeding a pump is excessively hot and needs attention.
110 A Circuit Breaker   110 A Circuit Breaker
240V 110A breaker feeds LAN rooms.
Load Reading A=65 B=95 N=84
B phase exceeds 80% ampacity and temperature exceeds breaker rating.
  Buss Assembly  

Buss Assembly

The thermogram shows a hot spot on the third bar from the where the buss bars connect to the transformer. If you notice there is a discoloration of this bar compared to the others possibly caused by the higher temperatures.

Down time cost on this furnace runs about $5,000 dollars an hour. If the buss bar were to blow, the turn around time on repairs usually runs any where from 24 to 36 hours. So just for the furnace downtime not counting parts and labor it would run around $120,000 to $180,000 dollars.

Acid Tank Levels  

Acid Tank Levels
Infrared Thermography is a SAFE and effective way to verify, or check acid tank levels. Infrared can also be used on various other liquid, and solids tanks.

Currently the practice would be to have an operator manually go out and place a wooden stick in the tanks' to verify or check tank levels. The instrumentation department was also glad to see this capability to aid them in trouble-shooting problems with their level transmitters.

The time saving and safety aspects of doing thermography on just Acid tanks was estimated at 1000 man-hours a year and immeasurable safety gains.

  Belt DriveBelt Drive  

Belt Drive
Note high temperatures present in the left thermogram. Second thermogram presumably after repair or alignment.

First Thermogram - 8/28/97
Second Thermogram - 9/18/97

Transformer   Transformer
Cold cooling fins due to low oil level in a transformer.
  Steam Traps   Steam Traps
Leakage from a steam trap.
Motor   Motor
Internal winding problem.
  Freezer   Freezer
Poor insulation in a walk-in cooler.
Bolted Bus Connection   Bolted Bus Connection
Hot bolted bus bar connection.
  Fuses   Fuses
Hot fuse connection.
Engine Block   Engine Block
Cooling process in engine block molding.
  Circuit protector   Circuit protector
Bolted connection problem on a circuit switcher.
Tubular bus   Tubular bus
Bolted connection problem.
  Breaker Connection   Breaker Connection
Internal breaker connection problem.
Circuit Breaker   Circuit Breaker
Hot lug connection.
  Liquid Storage tank   Liquid Storage tank
Determination of liquid level.
Pulley System   Pulley System
Hot drive belts.
  Line to line Jumper   Line to line Jumper
Thermal Anomaly at bolted connection.