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Infrared Training Center (ITC) Live Online Tutorials FAQ

Thank you for your interest in ITC live online tutorials! Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we receive about our popular live online tutorials.

What is GoToWebinar?

The Infrared Training Center (ITC) utilizes the services of GoToWebinar from Citrix for hosting our live webinars. GoToWebinar is a web-based software platform that allows a user to interact with other computer users, customers, clients, and/or colleagues over the Internet in realtime using both audio and video. For ITC, this gives us the ability to deliver interactive, online, educational seminars on infrared thermography and its many applications to participants from around the world.

Does GoToWebinar offer technical support? How do I resolve any audio or video issues?

Since ITC only utilizes the services of GoToWebinar, and are not the actual developers of the program, we are unfortunately not able to address most technical questions and/or issues that you might have or encounter. Our best recommendation is to review the GoToWebinar online support page for more information should you have any technical difficulties accessing, viewing or listening to a live online tutorial. At the very least, be sure to check that your computer software and hardware meets the minimum system requirements.

What are the minimum computer system requirements to run GoToWebinar?

We recommend testing your computer, audio, and Internet connections prior to joining an event. GoToWebinar has an established procedure for running those tests.

Why is a password being required? I was not assigned one and am unable to join the session.

ITC does not require a password to join a live webcast session. You are most likely seeing a prompt from your network security which is denying the GoToWebinar platform from accessing your computer and running:

Password Required when Joining GoToWebinar

Please contact your IT department about allowing GoToWebinar to connect. ITC does not have access to this information.

I have signed in to join the live online tutorial, but am receiving a message that the live online tutorial has already occurred and the session has expired?


I have signed in on time to join the live online tutorial, but am receiving a message that the live online tutorial has not yet started.

Unfortunately, you have likely missed the live online tutorial or have arrived too early. Our live webinars are run from a variety of locations around the world. When scheduled, we advertise the local time from which the ITC instructor who is presenting the live online tutorial is based. Please double-check the start time and local time zone when registering for a live online tutorial. The most common time zones used for ITC's live webinars are:

Please note that during the change from Standard Time to Daylight Time (and vice versa) there may be a one-hour shift for all locations off of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). GMT is also often referred to as UTC or Coordinated Universal Time. These two designations are synonymous and interchangeable. The website www.timeanddate.com provides additional details and is a helpful resource if you want to covert the local start time of a particular live online tutorial into the correct local time for your region/country.

Can others in my home, office or plant join me to watch the live online tutorial?

Yes. If you have a group of individuals who are all located at the same site, bringing them together to view a live online tutorial is certainly permitted. We recommend only doing so though if you have a large computer monitor or are connected to an LCD projector or similar. Also, be sure that you have adequate speakers to listen to the audio portion of the broadcast so that everyone is able to clearly hear the presentation.

Can others who are not at my site (located remotely) use my same registration information?

No. Each unique user, if they are located at a separate site, must register independently to join the session using their own contact information including name and email address. Please do not use the access link that another registrant has forwarded to you to join the session. Instead, please register separately with your own name and email address at www.infraredtraining.com/webinars for US-based sessions or at www.irtraining.eu/en/webinars/webinars for all Europe-based live online tutorial broadcasts.