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Level I- Atlanta, GA

Our Fundamentals of Thermography, Level I Certification course is for the new thermographer and focuses on using infrared in a variety of applications. Learn all the essentials of camera operation, heat transfer, and report writing.

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2200 USD

08/01/2023 - 08/04/2023

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Spots available: 23 spots

Number of spots




Spots available: 23 spots

About This course

This course includes

Live Course Instruction for 4 Days (8hr. sessions each day)

ITC Course Manual

Hands-on Practical Lab Exercises

Certification Exam

Certification Documents

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Meet Our Instructors

William Schwahn

Level III Thermographer, FAA 107 Pilot Lead- sUAS Thermography Instructor

John Waggoner

Senior Thermography Instructor- Level III

Russell Bushee

Thermography Instructor- Level III

Scott Sammons

Level III Thermographer, FAA 107 Pilot - sUAS Thermography Instructor

What You will learn

The factors that make thermal images look the way they do and influence temperature measurement accuracy;

Inspection technique fundamentals, including safety considerations vital to working around energized equipment;

Infrared image analysis and interpretation techniques;

The basics of infrared science concepts such as emissivity, reflectivity, heat transfer, and the impact of atmosphere;

 How to use thermography analysis software and create simple, easy-to-understand reports;

Hands-on exercises that let you get practical experiences of the theoretical concepts taught throughout the week;

Vital application-specific insights for electrical inspections, mechanical reliability maintenance, building envelope, and roof moisture surveys

IR Camera requirements

Completion of hands-on labs & exercises will be required, so please bring your thermal camera to class.


If you do not have access to a camera, you can rent one through FLIR by calling 866-477-3687 ext. 1.

If you are attending the course with a colleague or friend you may share a camera, however we recommend no more than three students per camera.

What do you need?

IR Camera

Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course. You may also rent one. Learn more


Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable.

IR Reporting Software

Please have software installed. Software can be used to assist with many of the camera lab exercises.

What's included in the course fee?


Live Course Instruction for 4 Days (8hr. sessions each day)

ITC Course Manual

Hands-on Practical Lab Exercises

Certification Exam

Certification Documents


Students who complete all training course requirements receive a Level I Infrared Thermography Certification.

Certification Courses are developed in accordance with CP-105 and SNT-TC-1A guidelines published by ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing). ASNT is a globally recognized developer of qualification and certification standards for NDT personnel.


Continuing Education Credits: InterNACHI: 32 CEU's NETA: 32 Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTD's) ITC: 24 CEU's

See what our students say about our courses



“You did a great job keeping everyone engaged in the subjects and made it so it was really interesting and in a sense fascinating to learn about. I am a journeyman electrician... and we are used to dozing off or daydreaming in our required continuing education classes required by the state every 3 years, but this class I never did that!”



“Thank you for the great training. I found it very informative. After performing thermal imaging for a year and a half, it was nice to understand the "whys" of IR and not just do it like this because that's how I was trained.”



“Again, thank you for making the course interesting and entertaining. I will definitely recommend your course to anyone interested in Thermography.”



“Matt, thank you again for an excellent class. This round really reinforced my thermography education and practice techniques.”



“I’ve taken several training courses through the years and [these instructors] are at top of the list in relation to quality of instructor, knowledge and presentation. Simply put... Great class, great instructors, keep it up!”



“Thank you for doing such a great job with the OGI 1 Training course. This is one of the most interesting courses I have attended with both content and the great job you did with instruction!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an IR camera?

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We strongly recommend having thermal imaging (infrared) camera for training. Throughout the course, you will be asked to participate in camera operation labs designed to complement course lectures. Requirements for certification can be completed without a thermal imaging camera, however, it will improve your learning experience if you can follow along and participate. If attending with a colleague or friend, you may share a thermal imaging camera, but we suggest no more than three students to one camera to ensure all participants have equal opportunity to participate.

What materials are required?

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Students are encouraged to bring a thermal imaging camera, a tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi capability, and any supporting accessories (optics, charger cables, batteries, etc.). Final certification exams are administered electronically and will require a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete. Training will also address analysis/reporting software which we recommend having installed prior to training. Please note company devices may require administrative approval to install third party software.

What software do I need to download?

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Software will vary based on camera manufacturer. For FLIR cameras, we recommend FLIR Thermal Studio Suite. We also encourage FLIR Tools users to upgrade to Thermal Studio Suite, as FLIR Tools has been discontinued. Please note these applications are only compatible with Windows. For troubleshooting and software support please contact the FLIR technical support team for assistance: 866-477-3687 ext. 3

How do I access my training/materials?

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To access your materials, please log into ( From your dashboard, you will see all active enrollments and course information details.

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