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Are you new to thermography or perhaps need a quick refresher on the basics of infrared? If so, Infrared Training Center’s live online tutorials and on-demand tutorials are just for you! Join us online - on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone - for any of the following FREE sessions.

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Customer on-site courses

Many of our customers find that infrared training at their facility has many practical and cost-effective advantages, especially in situations when several company team members at once need to attend. Our instructors travel anywhere in the world to deliver on-site thermography courses tailored to a client’s applications.

On-Demand online courses

The Infrared Training Center provides a variety of valuable online eLearning opportunities, including introductory courses on IR applications for indoor electrical surveys, outdoor electrical surveys, and residential energy audits. We also offer online training on the basics of thermal imaging, camera operation, and report generation software programs. You can even access refresher courses and re-certification exams on our web site, too.

Custom Consulting

Need assistance developing or proving an infrared thermography application, or just need a special infrared survey performed? The Infrared Training Center will come to your facility, with our own infrared cameras, and help you develop an infrared solution for your application. Please contact our Boston Infrared Training Center for more details and a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an IR camera?

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We strongly recommend having thermal imaging (infrared) camera for training. Throughout the course, you will be asked to participate in camera operation labs designed to complement course lectures. Requirements for certification can be completed without a thermal imaging camera, however, it will improve your learning experience if you can follow along and participate. If attending with a colleague or friend, you may share a thermal imaging camera, but we suggest no more than three students to one camera to ensure all participants have equal opportunity to participate.

What materials are required?

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Students are encouraged to bring a thermal imaging camera, a tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi capability, and any supporting accessories (optics, charger cables, batteries, etc.). Final certification exams are administered electronically and will require a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete. Training will also address analysis/reporting software which we recommend having installed prior to training. Please note company devices may require administrative approval to install third party software.

What software do I need to download?

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Software will vary based on camera manufacturer. For FLIR cameras, we recommend FLIR Thermal Studio Suite. We also encourage FLIR Tools users to upgrade to Thermal Studio Suite, as FLIR Tools has been discontinued. Please note these applications are only compatible with Windows. For troubleshooting and software support please contact the FLIR technical support team for assistance: 866-477-3687 ext. 3

How do I access my training/materials?

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To access your materials, please log into ( From your dashboard, you will see all active enrollments and course information details.