Quantitative OGI and the QL320


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Duration: 4-Hours
Language: English
Format: On-Demand / Self-Paced Learning


The QL320 is a quantitative optical gas imaging (QOGI) system that allows surveyors to measure the leak rates for methane and other hydrocarbons. This eliminates the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapor analyzer or similar tool. This course will provide an introduction to quantitative optical gas imaging and the QL320.








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Learning Objectives


  • Benefits of Optical Gas Imaging when compared to other technologies

  • Midwave camera vs. longwave camera

  • The theoretical foundation of OGI and why it works

  • General principles of QOGI

  • Selecting an adequate background for optimal results

  • Preparing the FLIR QL320 for quantification

  • Quantification procedure

  • Utilizing the Q-Mode in the GF-Series cameras

  • OGI Applications


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Quant. OGI_QL320 Primary.jpg